Stop Dog Barking at the Door

In today’s video, we learn one easy method to stop dog barking when someone is knocking on the door.

This method uses positive techniques to reinforce the dog being quiet while you knock softly on the door yourself. As you continue rewarding being quiet, you increase the sound of the knocking until it is prolonged and loud. You then use a down stay command along with the quiet when there is knocking. After that, you progress to having someone actually come to the door and knock. You put the dog into a down stay, reinforcing the quiet as you let the person in and then releasing from the down when appropriate.

You can also consider the release as a reward in the case of a dog that loves to greet people at the door (this will help you be able to phase out the treats at that point).

How to stop dog barking at the door

This is a really good, positive way to reinforce a dog being quiet to hopefully stop dog barking at the door. Done over a week, you would probably be able to get rid of barking altogether (without standing in front of the door) when someone is knocking.

To add usefulness to this behavior, you can pair this with the “quiet” command. All you need to do is say “quiet. Good quiet” just after you knock, while you treat. You can also pair this with the down to make the word “quiet” into a comprehensive stop barking and lay down command with one word. To add even more effectiveness, pair it with a hand signal like the “shhh” sign. If you transfer the “quiet” command to another situation (like in the backyard), you might have to retrain them on it as the dog may not transfer the door lesson to the outdoors. However, they should pick it up a lot faster.

Do you have any techniques you use to get your dog to stop barking at the door?


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