Keep Your Dog From Pulling the Easy Way

Today, I have a short video for you from Ian Dunbar, an expert and world renowned dog trainer, on how to keep your dog from pulling.

His method involves merely not walking until your dog stops pulling. If you stand still and don’t go anywhere, your dog will eventually lose interest and sit and look at you. That’s when you take a step. You continue this until the dog walks nicely by your side. This often will also have the effect of teaching your dog to sit when you stop. He also mentions that practicing indoors first is a good idea. This is because there are far fewer distractions indoors so the dog can get the idea more quickly.

Dr. Ian Dunbar expert animal trainer how to corre…:

It’s a very easy and simple method, in my opinion, and while it takes time, it will pay off. This way you don’t have to have treats with you or anything and your dog naturally learns to walk next to you. You can also use your voice to praise your pup when they’re not pulling.

Have you tried this method? Does it work for you?

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